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Oil and Gas Facts
If you are here because you heard us on the radio or saw an advertisement, then the next step is to take a minute to see a quick demo by clicking on the HOW IT WORKS link above. To sign up, simply click on REGISTRATION above and enter your company information. Be sure to have your Operator Number handy. After you register, you won't be billed. A customer representative will be in contact with you shortly after you register. You can call us at 785.623.0486 at any time.

Now you can do your Oil and Gas Renditions online and save Money and Time: uses the same tables and calculations your accountants and local governments use to assist you with your annual renditions for the state of Kansas. Each year, we update and maintain the local government tax tables and calculations. The application quickly calculates the Schedule A the Counties use. Use it to compare and decide if you should submit your own rendition numbers or use the County numbers. Also, saves your information for the years to come. is owned and operated by Business Decisions, LLC.
Business Decisions, LLC is a local Kansas company based out of Hays, Kansas.

We also offer a Joint Interest Billing solution that works with programs such as quickbooks, call us at 785.623.0486 for more information.


Message updated on 2/6/16. The State of Kansas has released the guide and 2017 tables are ready to go. Your user profile will update to the 2017 tables when payment is received. Thank You.

Current customers, refer a new customer and save as much as 10% on your 2017 renditions. Refer up to 5 new customers and save as much as 50% on your 2017 renditions. Special conditions do apply, please call us at 785.623.0486 and ask us for more information about the referral offer.

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