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Oil and Gas Facts

As of 2/4/16, the State released the 2016 tables and guide. We are currently updating the software to reflect the new changes. We hope to have the software ready by 2/12/16.

New this year, we offer a Oil and Gas Rendition tax analysis solution for your leases. Call us to speak with a State tested and certified Advanced Oil and Gas Rendition consultant. We will see if you are missing out on potential tax savings!

While we wait for the 2016 tables from the State, you can use Oil and Gas Renditions to:

1) Login to edit or delete 2015 lease records.

2) Login to update your profile and/or specify the number of leases you will be adding for 2016.

The State of Kansas (PVD) department said they will release the 2016 tax rendition tables by the end of January.

Once the tables are released by the State, we will update the application. Once updated, you will be able to work on and print your 2016 renditions.

When the tables have been updated, we will update this message to let you know.

If you have any further questions, please call us at 785.623.0486. Thanks.


Now you can do your Oil and Gas Renditions online and save Money and Timeā€¦. uses the same tables and calculations your accountants use to assist you with your annual renditions for the state of Kansas. Each year, we update and maintain the local government tax tables and calculations so that all you have to do is track your leases. After you enter in your leases, securely saves your information for the years to come.

As of December 28th, 2015; is owned and operated by Business Decisions, LLC.

Business Decisions, LLC is a local Kansas company with it's headquarters in Hays, Kansas. The owner of Business Decisions helped create Oil and Gas Renditions 9 years ago. Business Decisions is excited to add the Oil and Gas Renditions application to their software suite. The company has numerous other software solutions and services for the oil and gas industry. If you would like to talk to the new 'and old' owner, please give him a call at 785.623.0486.

Click Here to view sample renditions.

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